Team Hero

The deluxe shebang

Our entry-level package 


VAT & Tax returns


Team Hero is the package for outsourcing your finances, with monthly reports and annual returns all included.

What do you get?

We supply you with a processing system for expenses and receipts, plus a cloud-based accounting system and we’ll train all of your staff on how to not just use it, but get the most out of it too. At our end, we process all of the sales and expenses to produce monthly reports for your business.

As well as the full bookkeeping service, we’ve added year-end accounts to this top-notch package. We’ll file your VAT and Tax returns, ensuring that they’re consistent and fair. Before they are submitted, we’ll talk to you about tax deductions to make sure you’re not overpaying on tax.

If you want a complete bookkeeping and accounting service, Team Hero is perfect for you. If you’re looking for even more by adding consultancy from an expert, then take a a look at Finance Champion.

Business-boosting services

Any accountant should be able to deliver bookkeeping and accounting – but let’s be honest - compliance benefits HMRC more than you.  When you’re ready to boost your growth and future-proof your business, ask us about these services.  We’re excited to show you how your finances can do so much more.

Why Argus

Saves you Time

Your bookkeeping process is handled by our experts allowing you to have this time to spend as you would like - hobbies, family, etc

Saves you Money

This solution can be adjusted to meet your exact business needs at any given time allowing us to work with you to ensure your business is as slick as it can be

Cloud Based

Provides a single source of truth for your accounting function easily accessible when and where you need it.

No Shocks

Fixed monthly fees reviewed regularly to ensure the level of service is matched to your business demands.